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Welcome to our website. This website contains information about our Ham radio repeaters and IRLP/Echolink nodes. You can find information about several "Ham Radio" clubs, groups, and IRLP nodes.

Local Hams

  • K0UPS The Buster Brown Club is an Amateur Radio club for United Parcel Service Tractor/Trailer Feeder Drivers and their friends. On the road we are collectively known as Buster Brown drivers. We are in the process of setting up repeaters and IRLP / Echolink (EchoIRLP) nodes nation wide. You can find us most weekday mornings on IRLP Reflector 9559 which is bridged to Echolink "Aussie" Conference. A few of the drivers have mobile EchoIRLP nodes with them in their trucks using Verizon Air Cards. Our website is BusterBrown.org

    Thanks to:
    Bob, N1UPS, Our Trustee
    Jeff, KB1VKY, Our Webmaster

  • Other hams .